Are the "Shoulders" coming back?

Posted by Janelle Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ever since we noticed Gweneth Paltrow donning a blazer over her atrociously expensive dinner gown, there are more and more people sporting the blazer over dress style. And we? We absolutely love this trend. I personally love the whole funky androgenous look on a girl because of the spunk and edginess it exudes but this formal slash edgy combination absolutely blew us away.
However, lately, we do notice that the trend is slowly evolving...well, to be heavier at the shoulders. Remember those horrible horrible shoulder pads you used to loathe?

Okay fine, that was harsh, we actually don't really have strong feelings against shoulder pads but we think, that might be coming back.

Look at trendsetters Ashley(Or Mary Kate) Olsen..(We can't really differentiate the two) sport that vintage shoulder heavy dress, and the whole blazer over dress look! It's all over tinsel town!

We can't say if we love the trend...but...we're definitely digging the blazer over dress thing!

Our advice?
Invest in a good ol long sleeved fitting blazer. It will come in handy for most of your evenings.

ps. If you have any great fitting blazers stocked in your shops, do holla at us!