About My Purple Journal

Posted by Janelle Saturday, June 7, 2008

There's nothing we love more than to have a little thick journal, clipped with interesting articles, colourful post its popping out, even little dried rose petals slipped in between pages but we realized, it is hard to keep all our little journals together.

So, we've decided to bring it online, to share our passion for music, movies, fashion and all our fabulous finds.

So what should you expect to find here?

Well, we totally dig everything beautiful like art, fashion, design, music that we stumble upon the net and being us, we would totally share it with you! From undiscovered bands and music to the latest fashion finds we find online, because...well...we're total fashion bargain addicts. AND a music junkie. also, movie lovers. Whatever we love, you see it here! ;)

Why Purple?

Oh coz, we adore the colour very much. and what's not to love about the colour purple?

Alright...so I've seen your stuff...what's next?
We have loads more to share, of course...since we are on an endless pursue of good stuff and there will never be a shortage of good stuff..obviously. Also, we're looking for contributers! We know you have great taste in music, movies and fashion! so we would love to know about them as well!

all you have to do is email us! @ mypurplejournal@gmail.com
Well, that's about it for now!
Till the next time,