My favourite Fall 08 Trends

Posted by Janelle Wednesday, October 8, 2008

1. Purple
Oh wow, the colour is making its round on the red carpets lately. From all shades of purple, dark, light, shocking, all worked. Perhaps its the royal colour, it flatters most skin tones and for obvious reasons, I absolutely love this colour this season. Time to rock all those purple pieces that I have in my closet! Or maybe...if my allowance allows it...stock up on more purple dresses! Any awesome bazaars coming up?
2. Big Bows
Ah, last season was the high waisted trend and now the big bows! What I love about this is the variety of bows that could make all the difference to the outfit! Its all on the details! I especially love the big bows at the collar that enhance the feminity of any outfit. Perhaps a little more old school with the Victorian touch?
3. Structured Blazers/Coats
Ah, perhaps the Gossip Girl mania is hitting hard. Everyone wants to look like the upper east side girls now. But I must agree, everyone must invest in a good structured blazers, that hugs at the right places for the right fit. It will definitely makes you look stunning in one of those architectured coats.

4. Layers and Layers of Chains Bohemian is back? Oh yes, I reckon it should be. With the Maxi Dresses that started just a while back, chains and more chains is the way to jazz up any plain boring outfit. With those chains detail, you're bound to stand out looking stylicious as ever!

5. Headbands
Oh, it seems when I said the Bohemian is back, it really is back. Kate Moss, Nicole Richie, The Olsen twins, are sporting cute headbands that reflects the hippie days. Heck, even Blair Waldorf herself is rocking on sweet bowed headbands. Well, its a different headgear altogether but a headband nonetheless. Both are making huge comebacks.