Gavin Mikhail

Posted by Janelle Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The beautiful piano arrangements that heavily drapes the music was the first thing that captured my attention towards this low profiled indie artiste. Possibly mistaken as your recent American Idol, Kris Allen, this pretty boy pianist has the singing chops of the sweet American boy but the piano playing skills of Sir Elton John.

Gavin Mikhail is not a rockstar, but he is your humble artist that you should look out for. This self proclaimed not-rockstar has his own blog where he discusses non musical things and shows the down to earth side of him. His intelligence and his eagerness in music could be clearly displayed in his blog and MySpace page where he actively communicates with his fans.

Playing the haunting melodies in his self composed songs such as Days Gone By and God In This Moment, he has distinct lyrics composition that touches hearts and souls.
We predict he will be one to look out for in the future!;)
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